Jason Upton - On the Rim of the Visible World 2009

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Jason Upton - On the Rim of the Visible World 2009

Исполнитель: Jason Upton
Альбом: On the Rim of the Visible World
Дата выпуска: 2009
Жанр: Worship
Формат: mp3
Качество: 192 Kbps
Размер файла: 96.6 MB

Track list:
1. Between the Graveyard and the Garden
2. Clouds and Creeds
3. Beautiful
4. Flowers For Rachel
5. Mountain of the Living God
6. Shadow of Your Wings
7. On the Rim of the Visible World
8. Lou’s Song
9. Right By My Side
10. The Cross is Always Ready
11. Between the Graveyard and the Garden
12. Blinded
13. Mountain of the Living God
14. You Are Holy
15. Clouds and Creeds
16. Simple Things

Jason Upton's newest release, "On the Rim of the Visible World", is a musical documentation of songs, friendship and following Jesus. What could be a better environment for such an endeavor than the living room of Jason's house? Three sessions that took place during the first quarter of 2009 resulted in 10 tracks, recorded "at home", that take you on a journey of varied musical and spiritual terrain. We then added 6 tracks, recorded "on the road", selected from live recordings over the past year. Which brings us to 16 tracks and about 72 minutes of music. And, although the music speaks for itself, Key of David Ministries wanted to turn on the lights of your imagination and invite you into the living room through written witness - two written essays. The essays are our way of setting out a chair for you - the listener - to sit in the living room and journey with Jason and the band "on the rim of the visible world". Read more Here


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