Eduard Klassen - How Great Thou Art Vol.3

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Eduard Klassen - How Great Thou Art Vol.3

Исполнитель: Eduard Klassen
Альбом: How Great Thou Art Vol.3
Дата выпуска: NA
Жанр: Instrumental
Лейбл: MBC Studios
Количество треков: 12
Формат | Качество: mp3/320Kbps
Размер файла: 66,6MB

Eduard Klassen is a Paraguayan folk harpist, now living in Canada, who has presented over 3000 music concerts in 20 countries since making a personal commitment to Christ. A typical concert presentation by Eduard Klassen includes a variety of Christian harp music from South America, North America and Europe, interspersed with personal testimony and stories of God’s work in his life, from boyhood in the wilderness of Paraguay to the present. Eduard’s natural sense of humour helps him to develop an excellent rapport with audiences wherever he goes.

Track list:
01. Savior, Guide my Child
02. In the Cross
03. Nearer my God
04. My God, I have Decided
05. God will Carry You
06. A Life is Like
07. How Great Thou Art
08. In the Sweet
09. Guide us, O Savior
10. Show me the Way
11. Holy Father, Praise thy Name
12. My God and I


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