Steve Green - 5 albums

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Steve Green - 5 albums

Steve Green - американский певец христианской музыки, известный своим тенорным вокальным диапазоном и гибким сольным стилем. За свою 35-летнюю карьеру Грин был удостоен звания четырехкратного номинанта на премию Грэмми, семикратного лауреата премии «Голубь» и был зачислен в Зал славы Евангельской музыки в 2017 году.

Язык: английский
Кодек: MP3
Размер: 219mb

Find Us Faithful
1. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
2. What Are The Words?
3. He Who Began A Good Work In You
4. Find Us Faithful
5. The Word
6. Come And See
7. For The Glory Of The Lord
8. Cherish The Treasure
9. Praise You, I Will Praise You!
10. As We Sail To Heaven's Shore

For God And God Alone
1. Call To Worship
2. God And God Alone
3. I Will Lift Up
4. Higher Ground
5. We Have Seen God's Glory
6. Let Us Praise The Almighty
7. Household Of Faith
8. Medley: Only Jesus And Calvary's Love
9. Enter In
10. You Want To..Now Will You

He Holds The Keys
1. Praise To The King
2. Celebrate His Good Life
3. He Holds The Keys
4. The Lord Is Lifted Up
5. That's Where The Joy Comes From
6. I Can See (On The Emmaus Road)
7. Honor The Lord
8. When His Kingdom Comes
9. Touch Your People Once Again

People Need The Lord (Greatest Hits)
1. People Need The Lord
2. The Mission
3. God And God Alone
4. Household Of Faith
5. Find Us Faithful
6. Broken And Spilled Out
7. Medley: Only Jesus And Calvary's Love
8. He Holds The Keys
9. Grace By Which I Stand
10. A Mighty Fortress
11. We Believe
12. Proclaim The Glory Of The Lord
13. Embrace The Cross
14. Cross Medley
15. Guard Your Heart
16. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

The Mission
1. I Call You To Praise
2. Symphony Of Praise
3. Mourning Into Dancing
4. The Mission
5. Refiner's Fire, The
6. Children Are A Treasure From The Lord
7. Guard Your Heart
8. Embrace The Cross
9. Victor, The
10. Anthem

Steve Green - 5 albums


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Steve Green - американский певец христианской музыки, известный своим тенорным вокальным диапазоном

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